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Calculating the Real ROI of the Xpress 100 Plan: How a Remote Receptionist Service Can Transform Your Revenue

In the competitive realm of home services, responsiveness can make or break your business. But as a small business owner, balancing fieldwork with office duties can be a daunting task. This is where a remote receptionist service, specifically tailored like the Xpress 100 plan, comes into play. With 100 minutes of agent handle time at a reasonable cost of $299 per month, it’s an investment worth considering. But how does this translate into real returns for your business? Let’s break down the ROI with an example and discuss why call answering for small business is not just a utility—it’s a growth strategy.

The Xpress 100 Plan: A Snapshot

Before diving into the ROI, let’s understand what the Xpress 100 plan offers. It’s a remote receptionist package designed for small businesses that need professional phone answering services without the overhead of a full-time employee. With this plan, you get:

– 100 minutes of professional agent handle time per month
– Seamless call answering for small business during or after-hours
– Appointment scheduling integrated with your calendar
– Customized call handling based on your business needs
– The flexibility to upgrade or downgrade based on your call volume

At $299 per month, it’s a strategic investment designed to help you capture more leads, convert more sales, and provide exceptional customer service.

The ROI Breakdown: A Hypothetical Home Service Company

Let’s consider a local Plumbing company that subscribes to the Xpress 100 plan. They specialize in installations and repairs with an average service ticket of $400. Without a remote receptionist, they miss approximately 10 calls a month, half of which are potential new appointments. By subscribing to the Xpress 100 plan, let’s examine the ROI based on their ability to capture 5 more appointments with a close rate of 75%.

Cost of the Xpress 100 Plan

– Monthly subscription: $299

Potential Revenue from Captured Appointments

– Additional appointments captured per month: 5
– Average ticket value: $400
– Total potential revenue from additional appointments: 5 appointments x $400 = $2,000

Conversion Rate

– Conservative close rate: 75%
– Expected number of successful jobs from additional appointments: 5 appointments x 0.75 = 3.75, which we’ll round to 4 for simplicity.

Additional Revenue from Successful Jobs

– Expected additional revenue: 4 successful jobs x $400 = $1,600

Gross ROI

– Gross ROI: $1,600 (additional revenue) – $299 (cost of plan) = $1,301

ROI Percentage

– ROI Percentage: ($1,301 ÷ $299) x 100 = 435%

From this example, the hypothetical Plumbing company sees a 435% return on its investment in the Xpress 100 plan. This doesn’t even account for the long-term value of new customers and the potential for repeat business and referrals.

Beyond the Numbers: Value-Adds of a Phone Answering Service for Small Business

While the ROI is compelling, the benefits of the Xpress 100 plan extend beyond tangible revenue.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Immediate response to service calls leads to higher customer satisfaction. A remote receptionist ensures that every call is a chance to impress and retain clients.

Professional Brand Image

Small businesses must establish trust quickly. A professional remote receptionist enhances your brand image, making your business appear more established and reliable.

Reduced Stress and Focus on Core Activities

With a remote receptionist, you can focus on what you do best—servicing clients and growing your business—without the distraction of incoming calls.

Business Scalability

As your business grows, the Xpress 100 plan grows with you. You can adjust your plan to accommodate higher call volumes during peak seasons or as your customer base expands.

Opportunity Cost

The cost of missed calls isn’t just the immediate lost revenue; it’s also the time and effort diverted from productive work. The Xpress 100 plan ensures that you’re capitalizing on every opportunity.


Incorporating a remote receptionist service like the Xpress 100 plan is not just a cost—it’s an investment in your business’s growth. The example of our hypothetical HVAC company demonstrates how the ROI of such a service can be substantially high when considering the additional appointments and the associated revenue. With the added benefits of customer satisfaction, professional image, and business scalability, the case for a phone answering service for small business becomes undeniable.

As you evaluate the needs and potential of your home service business, consider how the Xpress 100 plan could not only pay for itself but also serve as a catalyst for unprecedented growth and customer loyalty. After all, every unanswered call is a missed opportunity, but with the right support, it can become a stepping stone to success.

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